Arequipa Attractions

Arequipa is home to various world famous attractions like:

The Colca Canyon: the Colca Valley is an area of astounding scenic beauty, with giant Andean terraces and a deep canyon that reach a depth of 3140 metres. It is twice as deep as the Grand Canyon. Along the way visitors can enjoy unique natural sceneries, as well as animal life; such as herds of Vicuñas and various types of birds, of which stand out the giant hummingbird, eagles, gooses and the mighty Andean Condor, which can usually be spotted at the "Cruz del Condor". There are many adventure tours organized in the area.

El Misti: The most enduring symbol of Arequipa is 5822 meters above sea level. A 2 day climb is offered by various agencies in Arequipa. Most of the city's colonial buildings were constructed from El Misti's white volcanic stone (sillar). The volcano's last eruption was in 1784.


Also see

-The Plaza de Armas, the main square of Arequipa, surrounded by buildings made of sillar, a white volcanic stone, a defining characteristic of Arequipa

-See the Juanita Mummy. The Museum of the Catholic University which displays the world famous Juanita Mummy is close to the main square, with the interesting exhibition of frozen bodies of sacrificial victims found in the neighbouring volcanoes.

-Visit the Catholic colonial-era Convento de Santa Catalina. Also near the Plaza de Armas

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Arequipa Attractions

Also See